Friday, 17 May 2013

Ideal man is one who follows what he preaches.

The proverb says “Parents are the first teacher and teachers are the second parent” parents play an important role in shaping the character of their children.
Bringing up children is an art and is almost like sowing a seed, watering it, fencing when it grows, periodical manuring and using pesticides if needed in due course of time. Parents have to see that their children should grow in an atmosphere that makes them good and successful citizen.
It is very true that the parents eagerly desire that their children will be well educated and well settled in their lives. While doing so they are not expecting anything in return from them at a later period. Usually the parents are the role models for their children. It is the real fact that the seeds of bitter guard will never produce plant with sweet fruits. Those people with antisocial (bad) qualities can never expect their children to be good. Therefore, it is the first and foremost responsibility of a parent to come forward for self sacrifice and detach all bad qualities of their character. Then only they can mould their children’s character or behavior.
There are some other important aspects which parents should keep in mind in the interest of the overall development of their children.
*     Parents should desist from scolding and teasing their children for poor performance in studies.
*     They should never compare their children with other children because each and every child has unique potentiality which should be harnessed and utilized according to their capacity.
*     Parents should never pressurize their children to do or learn something beyond their capacity rather they should encourage them to perform well with courage and hope.
*     Parents should teach their children to have compassion for the poor and oppressed people of the society. Compassion has its roots in every noble heart and the basis of real act of compassion is nobility and humility.
The greatest drawback in nature of human being is delivering percepts without practice. Everyone is preacher but very few are followers. The ideal and strong man is one who follows what he preaches. Weak are those who talk through their life and noble ideal are those who walk through life. So you must always have ideal person in your mind and make the greatest possible efforts for achieving the same.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Moral Values among youth: IDLENESS AMONG PEOPLE

Moral Values among youth: IDLENESS AMONG PEOPLE: As per the verse 5 from 3 rd   chapter of Shrimadbhagwatgeeta   “ Every person is bound to act in response to acquired characteristics of n...

Saturday, 3 September 2011


As per the verse 5 from 3rd chapter of Shrimadbhagwatgeeta “ Every person is bound to act in response to acquired characteristics of nature. No one can live or survive for a moment without performing a work”.

Increasing tendency of idleness matters of great concern for me because it not only adversely affects the personality of a person but also the great human resource of the nation. We can realize any our dream by realizing some productive work. We can achieve the height of every success if we remain in action constantly. The great civilizations we read about and the great human achievements we witness in Science and technology, all are the result of work and perspiration of numberless human beings who burnt midnight oil when others were sleeping. A an idler dissipates his life ,all his vitality goes and he remains only a lump of barren clay in which nothing can grow. Every object in nature from the tiniest bird to mightiest sun is always doing its home work. That’s why everything in nature always appears fresh and new. The sun and moon rise every day without any delay. When they rise, they bring with them a breach of freshness and newness.
Witness of many historical events is enough to tell us that idleness is the root cause of unhappiness and ill health. The timid person are afraid to begin anything or achieving anything as idleness makes them shirkers and paralyses man’s faculties. They always expect someone else to do everything for them. A nawab ofOudh failed to save his life only because there was no one to tie the laces of his shoes.

There are several reasons for inculcating the idleness in person some important among are as follows.

1:-     The chief reason of being idle is the desire to get everything without doing anything or making any efforts. The person who does not realize the importance of work some of them are so placed that they can do without doing work. But as the time advances, they begin feeling the pages of boredom.

2:-     Improper parenting is one of the major causes of inculcating idleness among person. Some parents overprotect the child and provide all the available facilities to them even they are providing the separate servant/maid for all kinds of work like providing water, tea and food at bed. Some mothers are so conscious about their child that they don’t allow the child to do any physical labour only in fear of getting injury. Such kinds of protection by the parents make them idle and shirker.
3:-     Every person wants to get maximum favourable results with very little efforts or even without any efforts by using a number of short cut method and unfair means. If the parents are using such kinds of practices, the child observes very minutely the acts of the parents and imitates the same that resulted in idleness.
4:-     Improper diet also plays a vital role as the spicy and fat rich diet makes the person lazy and sluggish. Continuous use of such food may also lead to obesity and lethargic behaviour too.
5:-     Interrupted and disturbed Daily routine of the family person including the late night bed-time, delayed rising and meals at odd time also disturbs the biological clock of the person that affects the hormonal disturbance and ultimately leads to idleness among youth.

Each person possesses a great talent and tremendous potential that remains useless if they are allowed to remain dormant and not to put any useful purpose.

In the VIII shloka of 3rd chapter of Shrimad Bhagwatgeeta importance of work is emphasized as “Always do your assigned work because doing work is far better than not to perform the duties. Even the livelihood will not be possible without doing work”


Responsible behaviour is expected from children but now a days it has been noticed that immoral and antisocial behaviour is increasing among them. As being an integral part of society I consider it as a matter of great concern because decrease in moral values among school children greatly hamper the social fabrication and society as well. A number of factors are responsible for fall in moral values among youths.

1:-     Influence of companion/peer group: It is the influence of their companion which plays a vital role in developing their concept of morality. They pass more time with them, discuss with them frankly and seek their advice. They scrutinize and evaluate matters relating to morality practiced  in their homes and found conflicting views. They readily accept views of peer group.

2:-     Childhood control:- During adolescence child starts formulating his own rules and regulations which may be very flexible and sometimes very hard based on reactions towards his childhood environment.

3:-     Changes in moral principles due to increased social contacts: When the child comes out of home circle ,he finds changed social environment and faces some difficulties in adjustment.

4:-     Double standards of morality for boys and girls: Double standards of morality set by society are also the cause of degeneration of morals among youth. eg. Going to market alone, laughing in public places etc. are considered disgraceful for girls but these does not equally apply to boys.

5:-     Rise of discretion: The rise of discretion develops the sense of shame and repentance on finding himself committing something wrong. On repetition of such situations the child becomes dejected and leads on unhappy life, may develops inferiority complex and keep aloof from realities of life.

6:-     Desire of self exhibition: Desire of self exhibition often takes an youth towards crime and immoral behaviour like smoking, drinking, eve teasing, delivering abusing words, quarreling, sex abuse etc.

7:-     Nuclear family and materialistic way of life: These are very important factors for degenerating moral values among youth. In a nuclear family especially where father and mother both are working, have no time to share with their child. The feelings and emotions of child remained un entertained .So the child finds some other places like TV, peer group, bad literature etc to share feelings and emotions and start behaving immorally as revolt.

8:-     Very strict control and stern punishment during childhood: Very strict control and stern punishments during childhood prove harmful to the child  may develop feeling of revolt as a result of reactions.

9:-     Other stimulating factors: A number of stimulating factors such as unhappy life, influence of entertainment means, undesirable films, porn sites on internet, sexual urge, obscene novels, heroism, desire to get rich quickly, drug abuse etc. hasten moral degeneration among youth.

Therefore, the inculcation of social values and proper socialization of the child in right path/direction is very essential.